by Elliott

I like nanovors.  They have nanovor games.  They are very fun!  My favorite nanovor is the Stormspiner3.0.  I also like the Battlecraken 3.0. and spikespine3.0.  There are a lot of nanovors.   Do you know about nanovors?


My goals for 2011

by Ishan

One of my goals are to eat the worlds biggest burrito. I also want to eat fifteen hotdogs. Also I want to be better at four square. Another goal is to inprove in math.

I also want to stop annoying Mr. M, but it’s really fun. I want to join the swiming team in Pittsburgh. I also want a pet elephant because I’m going to India this summer. What is your New Year goals or goal for 2011?

My goals

 by Nico

I have a lot of goals. One is I have never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld. I really, really, want to go. Everyone is talking about how great it is and I kinda feel left out. I have also been waiting for ski club.

Every Tuesday the people that sign up go skiing. Another is for my brother to stop beating me up, but I’m not going to write about it. I have so many more, but I can’t think of all of them. I also want to learn cursive, but I’m not really good at it. But at least I can write my name.

I also want to ace my test on Friday. What’s your goal?

The great goals

by Gideon
One of my goals this year is to go to Hargrave Milatary Academy for my dad’s book. I’m not sure what the book is called. I’m going to stay there with my family for six months. My mom is going to homeschool my brother and me.

Another goal this year is that I want to learn how to play the piano. Also my friend Nico knows how to play the piano. Right now the only instrument I know how to play is the drum.

Another goal of mine is to get a three pointer in a basketball game. I also want to learn alegbra. Right now I know how to do pre-alegbra. At first I didn’t know I had so many resolutions. What’s your resolution?

Sleepovers and slumberparties

by Sevanna

Sleepovers are fun in lots of differrent ways. Sometimes it’s a slumberpartie. A slumberpartie has three, four or five people and sleepovers only have two. At sleepovers you can play games. At slumberparties you can play wii with three, four or five players. For both you can eat pizza, hot dogs, french fries and more. If you had a sleepover or a slumberpartie what would you do?

How Third Grade Rocks was Invented

By Gideon

So back at my old school I saw a show about blogging and it sounded cool and I told my mom this: “Mom, can I get my own blog?” and she said “Sure, and Dad and I both have blogs.” I said, “Ok, can you get us the blog?” and she said, “Let’s do it.” So then my mom asked me what to call it and I said “How about” Then my mom said, “Perfect.” Then I told my friend Beck I have a blog and he said, “How do you get one” and I said, “Go on”

Then a year later at Morgantown Learning Academy my mom said, “Hey, I have to do something for your class — what should I do?” and I said “a blog” and my mom said, “What should we call it?” and I said, “Third Grade Misery” and then I said, “I’m joking.” My mom said, “Let’s see what the class wants” and most said “Third Grade Rocks.”

Thanksgiving Feast Week

by Gideon

I’m going to be driving two fourths of the time in the car and I’m having two Thanksgivings. I’m first going to have one of the Thanksgivings. Then I’m going to the backyard brawl and the teams are Pitt and West Virginia. Then I’m going to the second Thanksgiving in Ohio was my dads parents and our cousins. At the first Thanksgiving my mom is hosting it.

I’m thankful for my awesome house my awesome yard and my and my best and awesomest family. On the Thanksgiving week school dosen’t have school. How ever I have a report on the Ptarmigan that needs done. A few days ago my school had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and it was awesome! I also got to see my cousin play the piano. That was my crazy feast week.

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